Daniela Blume OnlyFans

Daniela Blume OnlyFans

Daniela Blume is one of the most famous Spanish women and has been named one of the sexiest women in the world several times. Know all the details of her OnlyFans account.


Who is Daniela Blume?

Daniela Blume is actually called Alexandra García Mezcua and she is a woman born in 1985 who has conquered the Spanish media. She is a sexologist, presenter, television contributor, and radio host.

Aside from appearing on shows like Sálvame, Survivientes, Crónicas Marcianas and many others, most of the public knows her for the role she played as an announcer on the program Ponte a Prueba of Europa FM

Not only does she have a stellar career in stellar media, but Daniela Blume has OnlyFans and is possibly the Spanish woman who earns the most money with this social network.

Let's learn more about this person who started studying to be a sexologist in Canada and who returned to Spain to work as a stripper in the Bagdad room in Barcelona


Daniela Blume OnlyFans

Daniela Blume's OnlyFans is very explicit and attends to the majority of requests from its subscribers regarding how to pose, how to record themselves and even requests to send underwear.

She knows how to serve and keep her subscribers happy, which is why she has managed to earn 20,000 euros in a single day. Even if she is not a porn actress, her recordings could be since she cares a lot about the image and quality of her videos. Undoubtedly a factor that makes it stand out among the thousands of accounts out there.

According to her own statements, she came to say about OnlyFans: "The first time I uploaded a detailed plane of my breasts that if I upload it to social networks they censor it. With that same photo, in only 24 hours I made all that money. There I thought this place is incredible"

Her account is one of the most searched and with good reason, since she has been named one of the sexiest women in the world several times.

Make sure to regularly check the Free Trial links because she sometimes offer a subscription to her premium account without paying, so new fans can meet her.



Her Instagram is also quite active. But as we all know, this social network is not very permissive with certain content, so her photos are sometimes censored.

We recommend following her as she uploads quite a few Stories daily and they are really entertaining. She has over 300,000 followers, so you can imagine how famous she is!



Daniela's Twitter account turned out to be quite explicit, but since she opened an OnlyFans, she has reserved her erotic content for that network.

Still, it's still quite active and it's also a Twitter account worth following. She currently has almost 200k followers and has written more than 37,000 Tweets, a very impressive figure that denotes her taste for this social network