open OnlyFans account

How to make an OnlyFans account?

In this social network where you can interact with athletes, models, actors and all kind of people. You would be surprised by the number of people who already have an account, so don't wait any longer and take a look at our guide on how to make an OnlyFans account.

It is very simple and fast, and above all remember that it's free in most cases, and that you will only pay to follow those profiles that want to charge a subscription price.


How to create an account on OnlyFans

If you already know what is OnlyFans, then the question of how to create an account in OnlyFans is the one that comes to us the most from our followers, so we have decided to make a guide to explain it to you so that you can register an account in a couple of minutes:

Go to OnlyFans and choose the method to create your account. You can create an account using Twitter, Gmail or any other email you want.

how to make an OnlyFans account

Once you have chosen which type of account to use, fill in all the information they ask for and you will receive a confirmation email. Make sure that the email does not goes to Spam or Promotions tab, there are times that your email provider can mislabel it.

Once you have confirmed it, you will already have access to the platform. If you want to create your account using Twitter, we will explain a later how to open a Twitter account if you don't have one.

If you are a Content Creator, you will have to verify your identity in order to start making money. 

Anyways, once you opened an account, you should check out how to use OnlyFans.


Verify your identity to make money

If you have created your account to make money, the first thing you will have to do is verify your information and add your bank details so that you can receive payments.

Enter OnlyFans again and log in. Click on the lower right icon and a new menu will be displayed; there you will have to choose the Add bank option:

verify your identity on OnlyFans

You just have to follow the steps indicated to add your bank information and then from the Profile Settings option you can add your profile picture, your username, and most importantly, set the monthly subscription fee to your profile.

With this you will have already verified your Content Creator profile and you can start earning money


Open Twitter account

If you want to open an account on Twitter for the first time, it is just as simple as we have seen right now. You have to do the following:

  • Go to
  • Choose if you want to register with a phone number or email
  • Fill in the fields and confirm your email or telephone number and you will have the account created and ready to use.

Is there an app?

There is no OnlyFans App, and all the ones you see are fake. Be very careful because they try to promote as true, waiting for you to download them and enter your bank details. If you want to create an account you will have to do it exclusively from the original website.

For now we will have to wait a little longer, and when it is released, we recommend downloading it only from the original website and never from third parties to avoid malware.


How can I search people in OnlyFans?

There are more than 100 million accounts created, so it is very possible that our friends and acquaintances have an account and we may want to follow them. The question that arises then is: how can I search a person?

It's very simple. If we want to find our friends, we can use their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok username to find them.

You just have to go to the OnlyFans search engine and enter any of their social media in the search bar. If they have linked their account with any of the social media they use, you will find the person you are looking for.

Try to search them using all their usernames, because they could have Twitter registered, but not Facebook, for example.

Also, you can look for OnlyFans by country or check the best Content Creators.


What can I see in OnlyFans?

Every day more people show interest in having access to this platform, since for some it represents a way to entertain themselves by enjoying the content offered by the accounts of the Creators they follow, while others see it as a valid option to increase your income.

OnlyFans is a place for all people who, in some way, want to expose their content to monetize their private material, which is why it becomes a great option for both content creators and users.

You will find adult material without any doubt, but you can also find models and actresses, athletes and coaches, artists or singers, and countless people with different talents who allow you to interact with them, learn and establish a close relationship.