Why Do You Need A Onlyfans Agency or Manager

Why Do You Need A Onlyfans Agency or Manager

The realm of social media has been relentlessly growing in the present times, and individuals and businesses are leaving no stone unturned to make some money out of these platforms. If you are a social media influencer and creating content on a regular basis, you may want to know some of the best content-sharing platforms that help you make money online.

Amongst the many options, you will find OnlyFans, which allows Creators to upload any kind of content under the sun and lock it behind a paywall. Users can view your content by paying a subscription fee, either monthly or annually.

Established in 2016 by Tim Stokely in London, OnlyFans was created as a subscription site, and not a mobile app. With the help of this platform, Content Creators can monetize their social media influence by offering photos, videos, and other types of content. The site has emerged as a big phenomenon in the adult entertainment industry.

In September 2021, the platform has a user base of about 150 million users and about 2 million Content Creators. Besides posting visual content (both explicit and non-explicit), the site provides a messaging feature and live-streaming feature to boost its engagement factor for users and Creators alike. So, you can book at OnlyFans as a powerful channel where you can optimize viewership and increase brand affinity.

What is a OnlyFans Agency?

While OnlyFans may seem controversial because of its popularity amongst adult industry folks, the platform is attracting influencers of all kinds. Whether you are a fashion model, a YouTuber, a television or movie personality, or any other influencer, you can leverage this platform to amplify your positioning on social media.

People like Blac Chyna (reality TV personality), Rubi Rose (rapper), Bella Thorne (the Twilight saga actress), and Cardi B (musician) are already earning big on the site. Blac Chyna has an impressive viewership and charges $19.99 per month from her fans to access her page. Not to forget, Rubi Rose raked in a whopping $100,000 in just two days by simply posting straight from her Instagram handle. Also, Bella Thorne claimed an enormous $2 million on the site in a week.

The results promised by OnlyFans are best achieved when you have someone working by your side. This person can be a manager, a virtual assistant, or an agency that manages and promotes your account. They offer a range of services that helps you grow your influence on the site and earn more, either as fan’s subscriptions or views per page.

It’s true that OnlyFans provides Content Creators with ample money-making opportunities. However, these opportunities can be leveraged when you have a specialist backing you. It’s not easy to cope with the rising demand for online content all alone. No matter at which stage of your content creation career you are in, reaching out to this person will definitely help you manage yourself as a brand.

Earn Money in OnlyFans

What can a OnlyFans assistant do for you?

You can choose to hire a full-time manager, an agency, or a virtual assistant to take care of your account. But make sure you hire a OnlyFans assistant because it can give a host of advantages. The range of services offered come in a full-range, and it usually includes the following:

1. Managing your Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit accounts

One of the most noteworthy benefits of hiring a OnlyFans assistant is the time value that Content Creators get. If you are an influencer on any of the social media platforms—be it Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit, then it’s natural for you to feel the burden of managing all of it. Time often stands as a huge constraint while doing so.

It’s crucial to note that gaining traction and maintaining engagement on these platforms can be quite time-consuming and challenging, given their competitiveness. Audiences on these platforms crave consistency and relevance—something that only a well-thought, time-bound strategy can offer.

To make the best use of your popularity on these platforms, you need someone who has the know-how of social media management. From content editing to posting daily updates to answering messages, a manager can do all of it on your behalf, thereby saving you an enormous amount of time. With the help of this assistant, you can focus more on getting your content ready while your social media profiles are being managed by knowledgeable professionals.

Adding Social Media to your Hubite's profile is extremely important, it helps users to find you in the Social Media categories directory, which will boost your views!

2. Organizing and publishing your SFS(shoutout for shoutout) with other Content Creators

As a Content Creators, for example, on Instagram, you might be focused on growing the number of followers of your profile. You may be using different types of content to do so, depending on your niche. But have you thought about the hashtag SFS, the acronym of “shoutout for shoutout”? It’s when a user mentions you on their Instagram profile and asks their followers to visit your page. This is a great way to promote yourself and garner some followers on the platform—without spending much at all!

It can be quite daunting to identify other Content Creators and establishing any sort of brand collaboration with them. But if you hire help, you will be relieved of this task. Such an assistant can do all the groundwork to get you noticed on the site. Ideally, running these campaigns requires other Content Creators to showcase your products on their profile and tag you or your brand. An assistant can ensure your SFS is organized and published in a way that gives you maximum visibility and more followers.

3. Managing your chat and selling your PPV content

Whether you are a celebrity, a chef, a sportsperson, or a pornstar, you can use OF to forge a stronger relationship with your fans. Thanks to the site’s messaging feature that allows Creators to chat with fans and know each other better. After all, which fan wouldn’t want to have a chat with their favorite personality? The best part: creators can also earn some money by selling PPV or pay-per-view content.

However, you, as a busy Content Creators may find the whole affair time- and energy-consuming. It’s monetarily lucrative but extremely grueling. This is where an OnlyFans assistant can help you. If you need assistance with your chat and selling and setting the price of your PPV content, then having such an assistant will surely pay you off well. The cost of hiring someone to manage your account gets offset by the whopping earnings that you make, meaning you stand at a profit.

A good manager will also maintain for you a paid account and a free OnlyFans account. This is really important to get hundreds of new subs every month and grow your account!

How to hire the best OnlyFans assistant?

This figure is usually a virtual assistant, an agency or a manager. Hiring such an assistant will greatly depend on the revenue you are currently making. Each of the three types will have its own approach to promoting your OnlyFans account or your brand on the site. To help you hire the best one, here are a few tips that you should check out:

1. Hiring a manager

You can choose to hire a manager to manage your OF account on a full-time basis. This can be a good move because managers often bring a high level of experience and know-how to the table. The fee they charge may seem quite high, but the return on investment is attractive enough.

When you hire a manager as an OnlyFans assistant, you get an ample amount of time to focus on what you want. Moreover, these professionals often maintain a good network, which you can leverage to promote yourself or your brand. So, if your revenue is high, then going for a manager is a good option.

They usually charge a percentage of your total revenue, on a range from 30-80% and sometimes they have an upfront fee. Even if this percentage seems high, the boost in income should make you earn much more than before hiring him.

2. Hiring an agency

When you are considering an agency to perform this role, then you get a whole team of professionals working for you. From video and photo editors to media buyers to managers, the team can be huge and all-encompassing.

Generally, high-profile models and celebrities hire an agency to get holistic expertise. The cost of hiring an agency may be higher than hiring a manager. However, your direct messages, promotions, and other requests are taken care of well. Also, the networking opportunities are certainly more when working with an agency compared to a full-time manager.

3. Hiring a virtual assistant

Lastly, you can hire a virtual assistant. This person will manage all tasks related to your OF page but will not be physically present. They come as a handy option for people who wish to save costs and enjoy some degree of flexibility in their working style.

A virtual assistant can identify new promotional opportunities, publish SFS content, watermark images, and do promotion submissions. They prove relatively inexpensive and can be made available round the clock.

So, hiring an OnlyFans assistant can be a great way for influencers to reap the benefits of the burgeoning social media landscape. Having the best -whether it’s a manager, an agency, or a virtual assistant— will definitely help you earn a good deal of money while keeping your expenses as low as possible.