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Mauritania is a conservative Islamic country with a deeply rooted Moorish heritage. Our directory catalogs OnlyFans creators from all countries to help you find them easily. There are a few OnlyFans creators from this country, and you can find the best Mauritania OnlyFans accounts here. 





The Islamic Republic of Mauritania is a sovereign state in Northwest Africa. While it is a large country, the 11th largest in Africa, 90% of its territory comprises the Sahara Desert. Consequently, Mauritania has a small population of about 4.4 million people inhabiting the southern part of the country. The population comprises three main ethnicities; Bidhan (White Moors), Haratin (Black Moors), and various West African people groups. 


The Bidhan originate from the Arab-Berber people group and speak Hassaniya Arabic. They represent an estimated 30% of the population, while the darker-skinned moors, the Haratin people, constitute about 34% - 40%. The Haratin speak Maghrebi Arabic and are descendants of the Sudanic African people. 


West African ethnic groups in Mauritania include the Fulani, the Soninke, Bambara, and Wolof people. The ethnic people groups of Mauritania also inhabit neighboring countries like Morocco, Mali, Western Sahara, Senegal, and Algeria. The country comprises 15 administrative regions headed by regional governors and prefects. Nouakchott is Mauritania's largest city and capital. Other notable urban centers in the country include Nouadhibou, Kiffa, Nema, and Rosso. 



General History 


The first people to inhabit Mauritania were the Berbers (Imazighen), the Niger-Congo tribes, and the Bafour peoples. The Bafour were among the first nomadic Saharan communities to adopt an agricultural lifestyle. The Mauritanian territory was a key trade route for salt and luxury products, such as textiles and paper, from Morocco to the southern Kingdoms in exchange for gold. 


In the 10th century, a group of nomadic Arab tribes known as Beni Hassan invaded the Maghreb and settled in Morocco. They began pushing the Mauritanians southwards in their conquest to reach Bilad as-Sudan. However, the Sanhaja Berber tribes led by Sidi Ibrahim Al Aroussi tried unsuccessfully to repel them in the Char Bouba War (1644 - 1674).  


After the war, the descendants of the Beni Hassan warriors became the cream of society. Additionally, the Arabic language (Hassaniya Arabic) and culture became widespread among the Berber tribes in Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, and Algeria.  The French colonization of Mauritania in the 20th century abolished slavery, a deep-rooted social structure in Mauritania. However, the size of the country prevents enforcement, and modern slavery by the White Moors against the Black Moors still exists today in parts of Mauritania.  



Interesting Facts About Mauritania


- Mauritania is a desert country, about 90% being the Sahara Desert. 

- Mauritania is home to "The Richat Structure," a geological feature in the desert that resembles an eye from space. 

- Plus-sized is a standard of beauty in Mauritania, as people consider it a sign of wealth.

- Mauritania is one of two countries worldwide that use a decimal currency.



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