How to get OnlyFans subscribers and make more money [Part 1]

How to get OnlyFans subscribers and make more money

The most asked question within the Adult Content creation world is how to gain more subscribers. We are all interested in growing our numbers, so prepare to read our tips to earn more money in OnlyFans.

Remember that you need to be careful while marketing your OnlyFans account. Many social media platforms ban Adult Creators and censor explicit content.

Marketing Tips OnlyFans

Sharing your Hubite's model page instead of your OnlyFans page is one of the ways you can fool the AIs that are dedicated to track and ban sex worker Creators, and you can even use a link in bio tool like One Master Link to connect all of your accounts in one place, adding PPV and crypto payments.

But the strategy must not end there, and that’s why we bring you the tricks to promote safety on each of the most popular social media platforms.

OnlyFans Tips for every Social Media platform

As we mentioned, it’s essential for you to address each social accordingly to their community guidelines. This way, you can use the right approach and take the most out of each one to your advantage.

That’s why we developed so many OnlyFans guides about every popular social platform to help you create the perfect strategy. This article will show you a focused perspective, but we highly recommend you check the full guides.  


This platform has very strict restrictions regarding explicit and erotic content, you cannot post them even in Facebook groups, and you need to get rid of any watermarks and OnlyFans name. Overall, it is very easy to get banned from Facebook.

Tips Facebook OnlyFans

What can you do: Unless you are prepared to lose your account, try using it like an SFW version of your content, share more about your life or niche that you target, and talk or share about topics that your audience is interested in.


Instagram has the same issue as Facebook. No explicit content is allowed, and they can restrict things like pronounced cleavages, so bikinis are getting riskier at the time. But it is a huge community where everyone is present nowadays.

What can you do: You can convince your followers with elegant and seductive images! Just be sure not to post NSFW and don’t drive traffic directly to OF. Use your Hubite page or One Master Link instead.


Our personal favorite and probably best platform to advertise OnlyFans. Reddit will allow you NSFW content, but in this case, you need to be mindful of each subreddit’s rules because it is not allowed to do it anywhere, and some will ask you to have some level of karma before posting.

What can you do: Look for subreddits where promotions are permitted and the ones that resonate with your niche or audience. You still have tons of options with just the NSFW keyword. Check out the Best NSFW Subreddits and learn which are the best for you


Snapchat is great for exchanging nudes or sexting. You don’t need to worry about getting banned, but if you want to take advantage of this platform, don’t expect too much traffic.

What can you do: You can exchange sexy images to attract potential customers, who then receive the link to your OnlyFans profile directly in the platform's chat. We recommend you not engage in any more interactions than that, or you will be spending too much time in there without getting paid.


Telegram is the new and better WhatsApp. It has many advantages and features that will help you find subscribers. People can search for groups or channels to find yours and also allow explicit content.

What can you do: Create your own channel and share everything you want without risking getting banned. You can also participate in other Telegram groups. You can learn about this in more detail in this article about how to increase your Telegram members.


TikTok is another with strict guidelines like Instagram, so it is necessary to post adapting to the platform's rules. This means you can’t post NSFW content, and you can’t post your OF link. But TikTok has a remarkable organic growth that makes it relevant to have some presence here.

What can you do: Jump into trends and topics that might be related to the audience's interests without showing any nudity, and make sure to share your Hubite link or One Master Link to keep your account safe!


This IS controversial. The biggest Content Creators come from Twitch, but nudity is not allowed! Adult Creators have to turn the tables around to enchant their followers still.

What can you do: The trick is to open your own channel and go into the pools, hot tubs, and beaches category (they had to create this one explicitly), or if you have other niches like cosplay or appeal to the gaming community you can try to stream within these categories.


The big advantage of Twitter is that you can connect directly to OnlyFans, Patreon, various webcam sites, your own Reddit account, and more, allowing for quick and easy cross-posting.

The problem is that it is really saturated and hard to get paying subs from here.  

What can you do: Pornographic content is also allowed, giving you more freedom. Look for keywords and hashtags relevant to you and interact in Twitter threads. In this case, our Twitter guide will be especially beneficial for you!


In this platform, you are free to talk about your OnlyFans and share your links or collaborate with other Creators, but it does not allow nudity, especially if it’s in a sexual context.

Besides, it will take significantly more time to produce YouTube content than other social media platforms.

What can you do: Make it easier for yourself, share experiences, try clothing hauls or even give educational advice on OnlyFans. These types of videos can be highly engaging and not so hard to produce and edit.

You can see plenty of differences among each social, and you might have seen some models on Instagram or another platform that seem to break these rules.

But, we suggest not underestimate the damage that is going against the guideline can cause you.

The algorithm can simply shadowban you, and it will take you a lot of time to discover and get out of it.

How to optimize your social profile

First impressions are important everywhere! Even in the digital world. All the little details that englobe your account for newcomers that open it give information about you and the type of Content Creator you are, so you must give the relevance needed to develop this part.

Everything you share in your profile openly is a clue of the experience your subscribers will have if they decide to follow you.

This means that you need to tune each part. Let's get into them in more detail:


This includes your profile photo, banner or profile header, and even your logo. All of these need to be of the highest quality possible.

If you have some budget for setting up your accounts, we recommend you get these pictures taken by a professional since they will be the first your potential subscribers see and might make them decide if they want to purchase your content or not.

Bio or profile description

In short, you will have to seduce your viewers and charm them while explaining what they will find in your account. Be creative and try to entertain them here.

If you work in a specific niche, try to ooze that fantasy with every word so the people interested in those categories can’t resist subscribing. Don’t forget emojis since they help you to give specific vibes (but don’t abuse them!)

For this last part, you can check out our article: Find the best Bio ideas for your OnlyFans

How to attract OnlyFans subscribers

Interacting on other social media is crucial to increase the likelihood of people subscribing to your account. It’s not only about posting; you need to get to people for them to find you, too. The only magical formula for this is to be constant. Growing communities and building authority take time.

Try to reply daily to your messages. If you constantly interact with your subscribers and followers, the more they will want to continue looking for your content and caring about you as a Creator. Remember that getting a new customer is 5-7 times more expensive than retaining them.

Tips OnlyFans Social Media

Even if this is an article about gaining subs, retention is the key in every business because you can’t expect to get only new subscribers all the time.

It is much wiser to make sure they want to keep subscribing to you each month. That’s how you truly grow.

And last but not least, be creative with your strategy!

Dating apps are primarily full of single men looking for sexual exchanges. So it makes sense to be there too! Create an account and put in your bio that you only reply on your Instagram, and every day swipe right until you reach the limit!

You just need to imply that you don't use the app much and that they should talk to you on Instagram or the social network you prefer.

Follow our tips depending on your chosen platform to ensure they notice you own an OnlyFans account and that they will check it out.

Download the 10 best Tips for OnlyFans infographic!

You will find our new tips to gain subs in OnlyFans and share them easily with other CCs.

Build your OnlyFans brand and online identity

We have talked about selling the fantasy to grab potential subscribers' attention. You can do this by having a coherent online brand and identity.

This will make the difference between appearing like a new or a pro Content Creator! And we know most people are looking for the best content to subscribe to, so check our article about online identity and learn more about it.

Tips make money in OnlyFans