The most relevant Tips to Gain Subs on OnlyFans [Part 2]

The most relevant Tips to Gain Subs on OnlyFans

How to get more OnlyFans subs is by far the most important and requested topic on Hubite. It doesn’t matter if your OnlyFans account is new or has many subscribers.

You might still be wondering how to get more subs in OnlyFans. Thus, we are constantly researching and testing to give you the best advice out there!

Nonetheless, this article is the part 2 to give you some of the most basic and important concepts for growing your OnlyFans account that most Content Creators overlook entirely.

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You will find that these are the core of every marketing strategy to get more subs and that if you understand them, you will be more than ready to play and win the game!

Connections over nudity concept

We tell you in advance that this concept is the foundation of the OnlyFans business. To understand it, you must ask yourself first: Why would someone want to subscribe to my account?

You might find answers like: “to see hot girls naked,” “to watch premium quality videos,” “to get fetish-friendly content,” and so on.

However, none of those are exactly correct. It might be true that men will get to see a hot nude girl once they subscribe and get tons of high-quality videos, too, but the internet is full of those FOR FREE.  

So why would they pay for something they can already find tons of OnlyFans content without paying a cent? And that’s where the answer comes: To get connections.

Things like sexting, dick ratings, and OnlyFans Custom Content are services that you can’t really find on free porn websites.

And even if your subscribers are not looking to those specifically, the experience you can give while engaging and sending messages is totally unique.

This is true for other adult business models like strip clubs. The ones that get regulars are not precisely the ones that look the hottest but the ones who know how to keep their customers entertained and happy.

OnlyFans gain subs

From now on, try to prioritize the word CONNECTIONS instead of just making posts and uploading videos. This will make a world of difference in your account growth.

Places you don’t often think your subscribers might be hiding

As Creators, we have plenty of opportunities in this new era to promote our art and find potential subscribers.

Places like social media are a great option, and promoting on websites like Hubite is one of the most effortless ways to get traffic, but you might be failing to notice that a lot of potential subscribers might have already reached out to you.

Those are the ones that we are going to teach you to spot and capitalize here.

  • Social media comments: These are usually very ignored by Creators since, in our cases, most comments are just horny people trying to throw something at you.

But between those comments might be someone that would genuinely subscribe to your OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans gain subs 2

Instead of answering on your account, hack them and go directly to their post, you can like and comment, and we assure you this will make them more interested in you.

  • Other types of social media engagement: Do you often get impressions? The number of people that are going to comment is smaller than the ones that would leave a like.

If you dig there and use the same strategy we mentioned with social media comments, you might fish something that you have already attracted!

  • Keywords and hashtags: Sometimes, you can’t find more subscribers because you don’t know where to look. Social media platforms have different ways of working.

Still, almost all of them will allow you to do searches by hashtags or keywords to segment their audiences, which means that you might keep using different combinations. In our OnlyFans Twitter guide we talk about this topic.

  • Already there, not knowing you have an OnlyFans: We know that it is not easy to promote your OnlyFans, and after you have worked so much to grow a fanbase, it could be heartbreaking to lose all of that effort just for mentioning your account.

However, it is still vital that people who find your socials can quickly tell you have an OnlyFans. In this case, we highly suggest you use a link in bio tool like One Master Link so that you can share all of your links safely.

How to get subscribers' attention

The more straightforward answer is not to wait for your subscribers to come. Search for them actively! This is a crucial part of the process of having a successful OnlyFans account. To do this, you will have to create your own strategy.

You don’t have to be present on every social media platform. It is best to start small with two social media and add another once you get the hang of them and feel comfortable maintaining them.

OnlyFans subs

The more you diversify, the more chances you will have to grab subscribers’ attention, but that doesn’t mean you need to jump right into that. You will find better results if you use at least one to its full potential.

However, in this opportunity, we share with you a fantastic infographic with 5 Tips to gain subs in OnlyFans.


It is full of practical strategies you can implement right now to get seen by potential subscribers, increase your reach, and ultimately earn more subscribers!

We’ve already covered plenty of ground regarding OnlyFans promotion on different social media platforms.

There are articles on our website like The best OnlyFans subreddits to promote and How to increase your Telegram members that are developed just to give you more options and diversity when promoting your OnlyFans account.


Types Of Onlyfans Accounts

In OnlyFans we can find 2 types of accounts, paid or free. But there are also free trial links which allow you to access paid accounts for free! Check out this post to learn everything about the types of OnlyFans accounts:

OnlyFans is a social network that is accessed by registering, and once inside you can act as a user or as a Content Creator. Both OnlyFans accounts work in a similar way, but in case you are a Creator, you have different ways to offer your content to your followers. Keep in mind that depending on your objectives you will have to choose one type of account or another and that you should have a Marketing strategy in mind from the beginning to maximize your income or the number of followers.