The best secrets to making money as a Male Creator

The best secrets to making money as a Male Creator

You might feel connected to being an OnlyFans Content Creator for many reasons. With over 150M users and many people making bank, it is a very enticing industry!

OnlyFans is the platform that makes the most revenue with its subscription-based system. And OnlyFans is known to pay its Creators over $200 million every month!

But as a man, you might wonder how to make it work for you. Female Creators indeed dominate OnlyFans, but we assure you, there is a HUGE market for you out there.

That’s why, from Hubite, we needed to create this guide to enlighten your path and help you achieve the life you desire.

H2. Can I make a good profit as a Male Adult Content Creator?

Short answer: Yes! Of course, you can! But let’s go deeper into it.

You might be skeptical since there are thousands of Female Content Creators, but the critical point that you must never forget is that the audience, after all, is full of MALE VIEWERS. A good portion of these Male viewers constantly looks for Male Creators.

And there is a short supply! That’s where being a Male Content Creator in OnlyFans can give you the upper hand in the whole platform, as many girls dedicating to specific niches do.

There are tons of gay categories, but you still have other options that we will discuss in the next bullet point of this guide.

However, if you are heterosexual and think that this could potentially be uncomfortable for you, we advise you to think further into deciding to join this industry. There’s no way that you can keep your content for Females only. You will always have some amount of Male subscribers.

On the other hand, to make a sustainable profit on the platform, you have to be consistent and create high-quality content, as any other Creator would have to. Tops models are known to make around 100k USD a month on OnlyFans.

But there is no need to be a TOP Creator. On average, guys make up to 5k per month. This means that guys can make a good profit if they follow a strategy and create content purposefully.

At the end of the day, OnlyFans, other subscription-based platforms, and social media give you all the tools you need to make the profit you expect as a Male Adult Content Creator.

H2. OnlyFans Male niches

Selecting a niche is one of the first things anyone with some experience would advise to Content Creators wanting to join OnlyFans.

This is an essential step for both Males and Females since it will help you stand out from a pool full of people Creators, among other benefits.

However, some categories are exclusive to Male Creators that we would like to point out for you. Within them, you have the most significant chance to find a strong fanbase and capitalize on your community.

First, you have your ethnicity niches, which are:

These are very important to add; even if you think it might be obvious, it helps Search Engine Optimization work and people to find you!

Then, you can think about other physical characteristics, such as:

By now, this is very similar to how girls pick up their own niches. But let’s go a step further.

When it comes to Gay specific niches, you can find:

  • Bears: Reserved for the hairiest of models, it tends to give a more masculine vibe, resembling a lumberjack, trendy among Gay categories.
  • Twinks: The counterpart of the latter. More submissive and slim boys are better fitted here, but it’s not equal to more feminine.
  • Daddy: They play the typical dominant and authoritarian part. This would be great news if you considered yourself older for OF. There’s a huge market for you here!

And what about popular hetero-centered niches? Here you have some!

  • Bulls: Some married men like to watch other men have sex with their wives, as simple as that! And that other man is going to be you.
  • Couples: An excellent way to imagine this is by portraying yourself as a pornstar. The more creative you are with your partner, the better.

Last but not least, remember that not everything in OnlyFans is NSFW. If you think you would like to model without nudity or simply show your hobbies, do it! Your charisma and strategy are what are going to make the difference.

H2. Male Creator's content ideas

As stated in this article, one of the most important things to practice when being a Content Creator is to stand out from the rest.

A niche is the best start, but we wanted to give you more suggestions to ensure you stay away from constantly posting standard nude selfies and surprise your audience!

  1. Products Review: It is usual for OnlyFans Content Creator to use Amazon wishlists or other providers to play a bit with their subscribers and connect. Once a lucky fan gets an order from your wishlists, try it on camera and provide your thoughts.
  2. Meet with Other Creators: Team-ups are amazing! If you know other Creators or have had the opportunity to befriend one, why not invite him to a special shooting? Both audiences might love it.
  3. Behind the Scenes: These are awesome for building relationships with your subscribers since they get to see your more human side. Keep in touch with them when you are getting ready to shoot or edit a video. They will love it!
  4. Share your Lifestyle: Another way to connect with your audience. When you share who you are and how you feel, you create a bond harder to break. Make people invest in your story, and they will become your lifetime fans.
  5. Mix your Passions: You can’t begin to imagine just how sexy it can be for many people to listen to you play some guitar even if you are not good at it! The passion behind your hobbies can make them feel so real that it will have a magnetic effect.
How to make money as Male creator on OnlyFans

H2. How to succeed as a Male Creator

Now that you are armed with high-quality content that is also unique and authentic, you are only left with a big question: How do you find people? Or better: How can you make sure people find you?

It all comes down to a single word: MARKETING. That is the key to success.

Reddit, Discord, Telegram, and many more platforms will be very useful for you as a Content Creator to promote your OnlyFans account. We have covered this topic many times in our Blog.
If you want to learn how to do meaningful promotions and convert the most, definitely check out those! And remember that in Hubite, you can promote your OnlyFans account! This will give you a lot of exposure to your ideal target without the effort of posting your account everywhere.