Tips to promote OnlyFans on YouTube

Tips to promote OnlyFans on YouTube

OnlyFans has been one of the most growing social networks in recent years. It currently has more than 1.5 million Content Creators worldwide.

The number of Content Creators with a profile on OnlyFans can be highly competitive. For this reason, many have a profile on other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and more.

This point is essential if you are looking for ways to improve your popularity as a Content Creator and get followers that want to subscribe to your OnlyFans account.

We have created this guide where we will discuss how to promote your OnlyFans profile on YouTube. Read on and discover the best-kept secrets about this social network.

  1. Why post on YouTube?

YouTube has more than 25% of the world's mobile traffic and is the second-largest search engine. You can use these stats as an advantage to attract users.

  • YouTube has 1.7 billion monthly unique visitors; the top users are men over 18 years old. These stats are similar to our Hubite users. In short, the users looking for OnlyFans content are on YouTube, and your job as a Content Creator is to catch their attention.
  • U.S. audiences are the primary consumers of OnlyFans content, and 62% of them access YouTube regularly. In addition, 99% of the platform's users have other social networks, so having a presence on YouTube is essential to attract users to your OnlyFans profile.


What content can be posted on YouTube?

We already know that content is essential to grow an OnlyFans model. If you don't know this, keep it in mind.

First, you should know that YouTube, like other social networks, does not allow you to post nudity or pornography. However, many alternatives attract users and get traffic to your OnlyFans account.

2.1. Examples of content published on YouTube

YouTube is a good choice as it allows you to have your video channel and keep a good interaction with your followers. We share some examples and content ideas.

Content Creators use YouTube to promote themselves, but the content they upload is very different compared to OnlyFans. It is common to find videos of Creators giving tips, advice, and information to other Creators.

If you want a YouTube channel, you must use keywords so users understand that you are an Onlyfans Content Creator.

You can post content ideas and meaningful information about OnlyFans, such as the cost of services, platform features, strategies, and many tips from what you have experienced as a creator.

Another great tip is to share a day in the life of a Creator with the good and bad things, to show "behind the scenes."

Use YouTube tools to your benefit. The platform has more features for publishing original content.

  • Videos: You can create content playlists, for example: "Tips for Creators," "My experience in Onlyfans," and "The daily life of a Content Creator."

When you create these videos, remember that to gain more subscribers and popularity, you should use keywords that will allow you to be listed at the top of the videos.

Some of the most searched keywords are #OnlyFans #OnlyFansCreators #ContentCreators.

  • YouTube Shorts: It is a function that allows you to upload small fragments of video in vertical format, very similar to Instagram Stories. Here you can share small pieces of your daily life, what you do, how you live, and more to get closer to users.
  • Link to Social Networks: Don't forget that YouTube is a great platform to attract users to your OnlyFans. Include a link to your link tree (a link in the bio tool to avoid linking your OnlyFans directly) in your channel, and you can also include the link to your Hubite profile.

If you remember our tips on "What to post on YouTube," you will not only let users know that you are a Content Creator, but you will also become a referent for female Creators.