Types of OnlyFans accounts


In OnlyFans we can find 2 types of accounts, paid or free. But there are also free trial links which allow you to access paid accounts for free! Check out this post to learn everything about the types of OnlyFans accounts:

What types of OnlyFans accounts are there?

OnlyFans is a social network that is accessed by registering, and once inside you can act as a user or as a Content Creator. Both OnlyFans accounts work in a similar way, but in case you are a Creator, you have different ways to offer your content to your followers. Keep in mind that depending on your objectives you will have to choose one type of account or another and that you should have a Marketing strategy in mind from the beginning to maximize your income or the number of followers.

Once you have registered, go to the top right and choose Settings. Look for Fans and following tab and in Following Price you can decide the price you want. If you set a price, it will become subscription based, which means that users need to pay that price to be able to follow you.

You will need to have a payment method linked in order to receive money before it lets you choose a subscription price. In the meantime, you can start with a free account.

Free accounts

By default, when you create an account on OnlyFans it will be free. This means that anyone can follow you, see your photos, send you messages, etc.

Free OnlyFans accounts are the overwhelming majority right now. Approximately 90% of all the Content Creator profiles are free to follow, which means that they use this as a tactic of getting more traffic into their money-earning profile or they sell PPV content.

But of course, you are thinking that you created a profile to earn money and that if you offer your content for free you are not going to earn much, right? Well, it turns out that having a free one is the best marketing strategy to start making money!

The technique is as follows:

You register a new account, and you start posting quality material continuously. We recommend that you plan your photo and video sessions as if it were a professional job. You can wear different clothes and in different places and take a lot of photos. Choose the best of each type, and consider a publication calendar.

Once you've made sure you have enough material, post multiple photos every day throughout the day. Imagine that you have 3 different photo sessions. In one you have on sports clothes, in another some lingerie, and the last one is a session with explicit content. Well, on the first day of the week you could publish 4 or 5 photos with the sportswear throughout the day, the next day you gradually publish the lingerie pics, and on the third day you post the explicit content.

It's about giving your followers different content and satisfying their tastes, you don't have to be publishing erotic content at all times. The good thing about doing this work in packs is that you will save a lot of time. A couple of days a week you dedicate yourself to taking all the photos for your posts, and the rest of the week you only have to publish them, interact with your followers and send them specific photos if you have requests (and if you want to send them, of course!)

Now that you've done this for a few weeks and are starting to build a user base, we recommend that you do the following. Open a new OnlyFans and link it with the free one. This is as easy as going to Settings and choosing the option Connect another OnlyFans. From this moment on, you have to think carefully about your growth strategy.

We recommend that you continue to offer material of all kinds in both of them, but that you also take care of your paying subscriptors answering their special requests, recording longer videos or photo sessions with more content, etcetera. You have a world of possibilities!

A paid OnlyFans account is one that has a monthly subscription fee. To access the content of this profile, users have to pay the subscription price and once done, they will be able to access the feed and see all the posts made so far (there still can be locked content that you need to pay to see).

If you have decided that you want to earn money this way, after registering go to the Settings section and ser your OnlyFans subscription price. We recommend that if you are going to do it this way, try to specify in your description very clearly what content your users will find in it, since until they pay they do not know what they will find.

It is very important to be as precise as possible, because if a user pays and does not find what they expected, they will be unhappy and that is bad for your business. That is why we recommend having both types. The first is used to attract users and those who like your content will go to the paid one almost without realizing it.

And how can you get subscribers? Well, one of the simplest ways is by asking your followers for help. You can share a link with them, and when someone signs up using it, they will receive a free month of subscription. To activate the referral link option, you have to go to Settings, Fans and following, and activate 1 Free Month for referrer. This way, if a user sends your link to a friend and he subscribes, the user that sent the link will automatically receive a free month

It's a good way to grow with the help of your subscribers!

And what price should you set? This does not have an easy answer. Ideally, it should be a low price for the first few months (below $10, and even 5) until you get used to working with the platform, interacting with your subscribers, improving your content ...

Once you have polished your technique and if your subscribers are happy and you have more and more, you could think about gradually increasing the price to $15-20.

But remember, most of the money you are going to earn in OnlyFans, is going to be from selling PPV content.

Another way to get subscribers to offer discounts for buying several months in a row. Thanks to these packages, the user will pay you at once for several months saving some money. You can do it from Settings, Fans and following, Following price and clicking on Following bundles. There you can choose what discount you offer. Or also temporarily lower the price of your subscription, which from a marketing point of view works very well (who hasn't bought a product just because it's on sale?)

The last way to promote your profile and gain more subscribers would be to offer free trials or reduced-price trials. It is accessed from the same site as the one previously explained, and this way is very good for attracting new users. You can choose the period you give for free and the number of users who can benefit from using it.

Check our guide on how to create a Free Trial link and how to add it to Hubite if you need any help with it!

If you want to advertise to gain more subscribers, there are many channels to do so. The most common are Twitter and Telegram, but there is a problem, and that is that they are saturated with promotions and bots. You may think that if they have 100,000 followers it will the ideal place to promote yourself, but the reality is that an extremely high percentage are fake followers and there will also be thousands followers who are Content Creators. This is not your target audience.

Hubite was born out of the need to promote our OnlyFans accounts on a quality website.

Therefore, if you want to make sure that you are in the hands of a serious company and that your users see you, you can promote your OnlyFans with us. We have thousands of daily users who are looking for new Content Creators to follow, and you will be shown to them continuously and you will get thousands of views! Nothing better than advertising your profile with an expert marketing team.

PPV accounts

This is not actually a category as such. As a Content Creator you have two options for your subscription price. It can be free or have a price. But both allow you to sell content separately. This content is blocked unless the user pays for it specifically.

The name of PPV comes from Pay-per-view. Some Creators from time to time upload videos or photos (or even packages of both) that require a single payment to be unblocked. For example you could create a video and a session of 20 photos and put a price of 5 dollars, and it will only be available to those users who decide to pay.

From a marketing point of view, we would like to make a recommendation here:

If your account already has a subscription price, it does not feel very good for the user to have to pay more to access your content!

It could be interesting to do it from time to time if, for example, you had a professional session or have recorded a video with other models.

For free profiles, this is a way to survey your customer base. If you release PPV content from time to time, you can see how the public receives it and how many are willing to pay for it. This way you get an idea of ​​whether you would have more or fewer users if you had a subscription price.

Remember, if you are a Content Creator and want to make a lot of money, you will have to take it as a job and worry a lot about the marketing aspects. The return can be incredible! Check out our OnlyFans beginner's guide.